Çerez Politikası

Bu internet sitesinde sizlere daha iyi hizmet sunulabilmesi için çerezler kullanılmaktadır. Çerezler hakkında detaylı bilgi almak için Gizlilik ve Kişisel Verilerin Korunması metnini inceleyebilirsiniz.


As part of Şişecam, Paşabahçe is one of the few companies in its industry throughout the World that can create its own technology thanks to the uninterrupted research and development work it has been conducting for decades. Research and Technological Development is carried out both centrally and at the level of various production groups, with a common approach and methodology, which makes it possible to improve collective knowledge, skill, competence, infrastructure, equipment, productivity, efficiency, and the level off added value. In addition, collaborative work is conducted with Şişecam Science and Technology Center for R&D projects concerning natural sciences.

In all product groups, Paşabahçe focuses on innovation for market demands that are currently present, developing, or are expected to develop. In order to maintain and further the highly competitive market position of the group, innovative products and production techniques are developed that have high added value and are environment-friendly.

As far as production machines are concerned, Paşabahçe uses systems that are developed with the latest technology and offer new capabilities to increase quality, capacity, and efficiency; the aim is to create competitive advantage with precise and high-quality production conditions.

In accordance with the aim of having “0 faulty products,” unparalleled control systems are used for products such as Borcam, washing machine glass, tea saucers, stemmed glass, cups, and long blocks. Development research is carried out and implemented for radiant-heated tempering lines for tempered products that only a few producers can offer throughout the world.

The compact organic lines designed within the company for dying and coating technologies create new capacities and capabilities, while innovative products with high added value such as Afterglow (charged with light to become visible in the dark) and Thermochromic (altering color with heat) products are being developed. Using Insert Glass technology, which makes the interaction between digital technology and glass possible, new products are created to add color to the lives of customers.

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