Çerez Politikası

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Sustainability Approach

Paşabahçe is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment, and believes in the need to leave a habitable world to future generations.

The Environmental and Energy Policy summarized below comprises relevant targets and pledges applicable to all local and international operations of Şişecam Group. This is a fundamental aspect of Şişecam’s strategic management, and is integrated into all phases of Paşabahçe’s operations.

Our goal is to carry out all environment protection work at Paşabahçe guided by principles of sustainability and under the Environment Management System and to continually improve this system with the support of all our stakeholders. The focus areas of our sustainability approach are as follows:

  • Use of production techniques that decrease environmental impact
  • Developing energy efficiency projects and improving systems to decrease global warming impact
  • Extending waste reuse and recycling programs
  • Evaluating fuel and raw material alternatives
  • Effective energy and resource management
  • Developing furnace designs that will decrease environmental impact
  • Filtering waste waters and using opportunities for their recycling
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