Acquiring and using the most advanced technologies on the world scale in production of glass and chemicals, ŞİŞECAM commenced the R&D studies in the 1970s with the awareness of the competition advantage to be brought by implementing and developing such technologies.

Within the 30 years following institutionalization of the R&D, new product and process development activities for float glass, glass packaging and glass household articles as well as the studies placing human and environment health to the forefront, oriented in improving energy and production efficiencies and developing high technologies, reducing the costs and solving the problems were among the continuous studies of that organization. By this way, the Group has come to a position of creating its own technology in design and production of glass, furnace and coating with the R&D structuring covering also the engineering and technical support units.

The Glass Research Center of the Company which has independent R&D units focused on the business fields beyond glass technology such as chemicals is focused on the glass technology, the main activity field of the group.

Basic R&D strategies may be summarized as:

  • • creating and ensuring sustainability of the relevant scientific and technologic disciplines with the expert personnel employed within the Group,
  • • creating the basic analysis and engineering services to support the R&D activity by being equipped with advanced technologies,
  • • cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and institutes which conduct studies on glass science and technology,
  • • pre-competition cooperation at national and international level by taking place on scientific and professional platforms with expert personnel and, carrying out projects
  • • focused in line with the Group strategies, supported by portfolio management tools, created by participation of expert and support personnel as well as the concerned production,
  • • sales/marketing units, objective and budget of which is determined, projects, information, documents and intellectual property rights of which are supported by creativity development, etc. tools to maintain and advance the high competitive position of the Group.

R&D activities are focused on developing new, high value-added, environment-friendly products and processes in all product lines in line with the market requirements that exist, are developing and are predicted to develop. Use of new and alternative raw material resources for reducing the existing product cost and increasing quality, management and effective use of energy, bringing the new growth investments in production by being equipped with modern technologies and by keeping capital efficiency at maximum level and within the targeted period of time.