The Şişecam Group started its operations with its first glassworks facilities in 1935 in response to the directive of Atatürk for the establishment and development of the glass industry in Turkey. The Group has been investing and producing all basic glassware in the glass sector since 1935, using the state-of-the-art technologies and working actively in research and development.

Focusing on global markets and achieving continuous growth from the beginning of the 60s, the Group has taken its place among the most distinguished manufacturers in Europe and around the world, thanks to its specialization and competitiveness.

With its specialization in the businesses of Glassware, Glass Packaging, Flat Glass and Chemicals, Şişecam expertise covers the entire range of basic glassware.

The Glassware Group works with a total of 5 facilities established in 3 different countries, producing handmade and machine-made soda-lime and crystalline glass under the Paşabahçe brand and heat-resistant ovenware under the Borcam brand. Turkey’s largest producer of glassware, Paşabahçe ranks 2nd largest manufacturer in its field in Europe and 3rd in the world.

Paşabahçe Cam San. ve Tic. A.Ş. started its operations at Beykoz/Paşabahçe in 1935, producing handmade glassware with soda-lime glass, and in 1955 inaugurated the first stage of the batch-production technology it uses today. In 1974, the company started the production of heat-resistant glassware. Its first export was made in 1961. Over the period 1980- 2000, besides meeting increasing domestic demand, Paşabahçe adopted an export-based growth strategy, entering a new stage of rapid growth in which new capacities, new factories were launched to manufacture soda-lime glass and heat-resistant ovenware. The company steered its way into the developed markets in the sector, especially in Europe, where production and consumption were at advanced levels, and accelerated its use of advanced technologies to meet the markets’ need of for increased quality and productivity. Today, Paşabahçe exports to a total of 140 countries and has established 5 production plants in Kırklareli, Mersin, Eskişehir, Bulgaria and Russia.

Growing and developing continuously for 80 years, since its very first day of foundation, thanks to its investments in Turkey and around the world, Paşabahçe Cam San. ve Tic. A.Ş. serves all industries with its principal brands “Paşabahçe” and “Borcam” and its sub-brands “Paşabahçe Porcelain,” “Paşabahçe Professional” and dozens of other licensed labels, offering its goods to retailers, wholesalers, restaurant and hotel chains in and outside of the country

Glassware Group Brands:

pasabahce.jpg Soda Glass Products
service_line_logo_hakkimizda-(1).jpg Paşabahçe Service Line
porselen.jpg Porcelain Products
borcam_logo_big-(1).jpg Heat Resistant Owenware

Our Operations

  • Paşabahçe Cam San. ve Tic A.Ş.
    • Kırklareli Factory
    • Mersin Factory
    • Eskişehir Factory
  • Denizli Cam
  • OOO Posuda Ltd.
  • Trakya Glass Bulgaria EAD

International Offices

  • Pasabahce Glass GMBH
  • Pasabahce USA Inc.
  • Pasabahce Spain S.L.
  • Pasabahce ShangaiTrading Co. Ltd.
  • Pasabahce SRL


France, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Denmark, Scandinavia, UK, İsrael, Portugal, Holland, Czech Rep., Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia