Çerez Politikası

Paşabahçe, internet sitesinde kullanıcılarına en iyi alışveriş deneyimini sunmak için çerezler kullanmaktadır. Çerez Politikamız hakkında daha fazla bilgi için buraya tıklayın.

Global B2B Services

Paşabahçe believes that a signed glass product created especially for a brand is an important marketing tool. With 12 international awards and 100 registered designs, the Paşabahçe design team believes in the values of the brand and creates solutions to offer customers a perfect experience.

As the only producer of both handmade and automatized crystal, Paşabahçe has a unique product range in terms of variety. Thanks to its mechanical infrastructure, the company can produce 200,000 glasses and 5,000 special blown crystal glasses in one batch.

Paşabahçe’s signature can be found at every step of the process that brings glass to life, from the mixing of sand to planning, from design and production to the final delivery. This enables Paşabahçe to offer its customers flexible solutions and consistent, excellent, and timely service. Another aspect that sets Paşabahçe apart from its competitors is its unique integration between design and production. Designers at Paşabahçe understand the needs of customers and push the limits of design-focused innovative production with “feasible” products.

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